Daikoku Takapuna Reopen

Daikoku Japanese Restaurant

Daikoku Takapuna, a beloved Japanese Teppanyaki restaurant in Auckland, has recently reopened after a lengthy closure, much to the delight of food enthusiasts and locals. Situated in the heart of Takapuna, Daikoku is renowned for its mouth-watering Teppanyaki-style cuisine, which is prepared right in front of diners on a hotplate. The restaurant’s chefs are famous for their impressive knife skills and showmanship, entertaining guests as they cook up delicious meals.

The reopening of Daikoku Takapuna follows a long closure period caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, the wait is over, and the restaurant is back and better than ever. As a result, diners can once again indulge in the delectable dishes that have made Daikoku Takapuna famous.

A particular highlight of the menu is the Prawns with Yum Yum Sauce, which has become a crowd favourite and a signature dish at the restaurant. Also did you know Daikoku Restaurant was the first Japanese restaurant to introduce this famous sauce to New Zealand?!

Another popular menu item is the Teppanyaki Steak, which is cooked to perfection on the hotplate using only the finest cuts of meat. The result is a juicy, tender, and flavor-packed steak that will satisfy any taste bud. All meals come with a side of grilled vegetables, rice, and miso soup, ensuring a well-balanced and fulfilling meal.

With its lively atmosphere and delectable cuisine, the menu at Daikoku Takapuna has something to offer to everyone, from savoury steak to fresh seafood. The restaurant’s chefs are ready to impress with their culinary skills, providing an unforgettable dining experience for all who visit.

As news of the reopening spreads, food enthusiasts and locals are sure to be thrilled about the return of this iconic Teppanyaki restaurant. Daikoku Takapuna is a must-visit destination for anyone searching for an exceptional dining experience.

BOOK NOW – Call 09 488 0678 or email takapuna@daikoku.co.nz

Address: Bruce Mason Centre 156 Hurstmere Road, Takapuna, Auckland 0622

More Information: Daikoku Takapuna Page

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/daikokutakapuna/

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